Ok, so let’s demystify the law. Here in this blog. Let’s have an honest discussion about the pros and cons of the laws that claim to govern us daily. You see, I’ve been a lawyer for some time now. I work in the City and serve “blue chip” clients (corporate code for serious money clients) day in and day out. Don’t worry I’m not miserable, I’m exactly where I should be. Facilitating business and commerce  through the application of the law  – that is, as corny as it sounds, my passion! However, I’m expensive! So this is what this blog is for. Giving you legal tips to help your business, your start up, your dream progress! Now don’t get all excited – I’m not giving you actual advice in this blog and you should always seek professional legal guidance regarding anything you read here (this is a disclaimer…did I mention I’m a lawyer?) but hopefully this blog will inspire you to get more involved with the law and explore how it is supposed to assist you. If you’re a fellow lawyer please join the discussion and contribute.





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